Metamorphic III is Out Today!!!

Our brand new EP, Metamorphic III, is out today! We are so excited to finally release Anchor, Satellite and Seraphic to iTunes, Beatport, Amazon and others!

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Thank you guys for all the love and support over this past year!! Taking on a Trilogy EP series was so rewarding, and looking back over the songs there are so many awesome memories. Today is truly special, and although this is the end of a super cool story, its also the beginning of our next chapter in Music. #Tritonians4Life


Preview Our New Single “Anchor”

We woke up so excited today, as we can finally preview a track we’ve been dying to show you guys!! When we finished our new song “Anchor”, we truly felt we had something special, and road testing it out at shows the last few weeks have proven that we do indeed. We hope you guys enjoy this as much as we do, can’t wait to drop this live this weekend at Electric Zoo Festival!!

Pre-order Metamorphic III EP at iTunes:

Win Tickets To Nocturnal Wonderland 2014

As a thank you for the overwhelming support you’ve show us on our new single “Satellite”, we want to hook up two Tritonians to be our personal guests at Nocturnal Wonderland in Southern California! Enter below for the following:

-Pair of GA weekend passes to Nocturnal Wonderland 2014
-Meet & Greet with Tritonal at the show
-Exclusive Tritonal merch

And download your copy “SATELLITE” here:


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Satellite (Metamorphic Downtempo Mix)

It’s no secret how much Dave & I adore beautiful Downtempo and Chillout music over here, one might call it obsessive! Ha! We’ve taken “Satellite” to that special place in our hearts where we find emotional healing through music. We hope you’ll share this with your friends, as we’ve decided to give this to you our Tritonians for Free!! Big hugs and thank you guys for continuing to be the best fans on the planet!!

Download HERE

Satellite Is Out Now!!!

Every once in a while a really special day comes along, which marks an achievement in hard work, creativity and dedication. Today is just that for Dave & I! After working, reworking, and playing out “Satellite” in its various version for over a year, today it finally released to Beatport!

We knew we had a melody we loved right away, but nailing the vocal was trickier than expected.   After going through so many ideas, we finally found the essence of this track with Jonathan Mendelsohn. The reaction at Festivals, Clubs and Online from you guys truly makes us so proud to be a part of this awesome community.   We absolutely love making music for you guys, and want to thank you for continuously supporting us!!

Thank you guys for the patience, many of you have been asking for an official release for so long, and well NOW ITS HERE!!   Go get it guys!!

Introducing Metamorphic III

Sometimes in life, things take a little longer than you expect to get right. Life is messy after all, and although you can plan things down to a T, it has a funny way of setting its own schedule. That certainly has been the case with this 3rd EP, METAMORPHIC III! When we started this series of EP’s, we named it “Metamorphic” because we were well aware that as artists, producers and DJ’s we were going through a change in our journey, both as people and with our fans. It was a time of rebrand, and like the Triangle that represents the “Tri” in “Tritonal” we wanted it to have 3 parts to the story. Over the course of writing 3 EP’s, we’ve encountered struggles as well as amazing victories. We’ve written, tested, tweaked, rewritten, edited, played and tweaked some more. Many of you may not realize that we wrote “Now Or Never” 5 or 6 times before we were satisfied, and, honestly, we’re happy that we took the time to get it right! Looking back, we’re so proud of the last year’s worth of music. Music like “Now Or Never”, “Bullet That Saved Me”, “Deep Into Black”, “Electric Glow” & “Bring Me Home” are songs we can listen to and be proud of for a long time. We’ve made it a point to write real songs as a part of this story, and not just here today and gone tomorrow “Club Bangers”.

Well today is a VERY exciting day! We’re finally able to showcase a preview of the third and final installment of our Metamorphic EP series. We have worked for over a year on Satellite, Anchor and Seraphic!! We absolutely knew that we had to nail this final chapter, and well, we think we have. :)

If you’re a Tritonian, thank you for allowing us to live our dream!! Making music is one of the most important things in our lives, and you guys make that possible. If you’re so inclined, share this video and lets spread this EP like wildfire! Godspeed Tritonians!!